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Reusable bags for veggies, fruits & more

Less waste

What is Vegebag?

Vegebag is the alternative to single use or disposable plastic carrier bags, which we use every day while shopping. Put your vegetables and fruits into your Vegebag instead. It will replace disposable plastic bag allowing to eliminate waste. It can also be used for other shopping items from your shopping list. Polyester Vegebag can be used for “wet” items. It can also be used for other items as an alternative or substitute to plastic bags

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Less waste

By using Vegebag you will reduce the amount of plastic foil bags. Your everyday choices have an impact on the condition of our environment. If during the week you collect about 10 plastic foil bags then you cumulate 520 pieces during a year. And this is only brief assessment estimation. Vegebag set is packed in eco cardboard box.


Every day habits

We know that the most challenging thing is to remember to take our reusable Vegebag with us. As long as we do planned shopping we can get ready, however while spontaneous shopping we end up with plastic bag. So get ready for spontaneous unplanned shopping and always keep your Vegebag handy in your handbag or purse.



All reusable packaging such as Vegebag allow to reduce amounts of plastic and other waste that degrade our environment.


Fabrics and colors

Vegebags are made out of black cotton and polyamide. We have chosen those fabrics because they are resistant to wear and tear. They can be hand or machine washed or handwashed in 30oC as often as you wish.